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Lil Grey-egg

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

Pronounced "Lil Greg." That's what we fondly named this sheep as we painted him. And yes, we decided it's a him. This commission came at us from someone we love dearly, aka my mom. She recently remodeled her kitchen and family and needed some art to hang above her fireplace. We were excited when she asked us to paint her a whimsically styled sheep in some green and gray tones. We used acrylic paint (our choice over oils as it is less expensive, takes less time and still has beautiful vibrant coloring). We cranked this piece out over only a couple days and were so excited to deliver it by hand the next time we visited Salt Lake City from Logan, Utah where we live.

To quickly explain the name, at one point in the painting process we stared at a faceless blob of grey and white and Noah made the comment that it looked like a "little grey egg." We looked at each other and said unanimously "Lil Greg!" And it was settled. That would be his name.

Since Greg has been hung in my parent's home, we have been delighted to see it every time we visit. It is a magical feeling to see the art we create being enjoyed daily by our customers. This one is a little extra magical knowing it hangs in my childhood home. Hopefully our kids will see it hung there one day and think it's super cool that their parents painted Lil Greg.

We LOVE commissions like this... personal, unique and larger than life. Or maybe about as large as life. Either way, this project was a joy to create!

To give some perspective on how large this piece is!

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