The Story of


Hello friend.

Welcome to Thackshack! We are Noah and Katie Thackeray - a husband and wife art loving duo. Our mission is to create beautiful, meaningful art and encourage and inspire you to use your own creativity!


Thackshack started as a passion project after we got married in May of 2016. We both had a love of art and spent a lot of time drawing and painting together. We decided to make an instagram page to display our art and soon after our first post we had requests to purchase prints of our pieces!


We started selling by word of mouth, at festivals in Salt Lake City, Utah (where we're from) and on Instagram. Instagram soon became our #1 way to reach people but we've grown enough that we decided we needed a way to sell that was dedicated 100% to Thackshack!


We each have our own unique style but we enjoy helping each other to create works of art for our customers. We believe that art isn't just for looking - it's for feeling and understanding and sharing. Our favorite part of our Thackshack journey has been meeting the people who have enjoyed our art. We've been part of some very meaningful gifts and gestures. We feel honored to be a part of special moments and memories for you! Visit our blog for some of these stories. 

Aside from creating art, we spread the message that creativity is for everyone! Each human living on earth has some kind of creative skill that simply needs to be discovered and believed in.

When we aren't Thackshack-ing, we are exploring the great outdoors, eating, cooking, spending time with our incredible friends and family, reading, and most likely laughing. 

Thank you for being with us and for supporting our family. We are grateful you are here!






Noah is my first love, our baby boy is my second love, and I have a massive five way tie for my third loves... art, good food, the outdoors, sugary treats, my extended family. Probably not in that order.

I grew up in two different parts of Salt Lake City, Utah and I absolutely love this tiny area of the world. If you've never been to Utah, you should probably put it on your bucket list because it's a pretty magical place. Skiing in the winter, boating and hiking and camping in the summer, and everything in between. Except the ocean. We have no ocean in Utah. A little secret about me though... I don't like the ocean! Ah I know. The horror. 

Art is one of the best ways I know how to express myself. It is thrilling to be able to put down my thoughts, emotions and experiences on paper in such a raw, creative way. 

I am passionate about creating and I believe that every person is creative - we just need some encouragement, confidence and direction to exercise our creativity!

My name is Noah. If you've met my wife, then you know that I married up.

I also grew up in Salt Lake, although I lived in Cincinnati for a time and two of my brothers were born there. I studied Chemistry at Utah State University and am now a medical student at Rocky Vista University in sunny St.George, Utah.

I've taken a small step back from Thackshack while I'm a student but Katie is rocking being a one-woman business owner. She keeps us all alive and well!

When I'm not studying, I love to be outdoors. I love hiking and boating and skateboarding and camping and waterskiing and anything else outside. I am currently designing several board games and I enjoy tinkering with code when I get some time. 

I'm glad you made it to Thackshack, and I hope you enjoy the art you find here.